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Monkey Bubble: Behind the Scenes

Over the past few weeks you’ve seen some awesome events either covered or produced by us. We’ve provided third-party coverage for Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch events – Flash ops: Echo showdown and the North American Open Division playoffs. We also produced the fundraiser tournament organised by Female Legends: Overwatch Community – Rally for Representation and earlier this year we did the Koala Trials fundraiser, featuring all the australian Overwatch contenders teams.

We think it’s important to take some time to appreciate the people backstage that run the show in Monkey Bubble. 

Our Crew

Xandie - @Xandiella

General Manager / Tournament Administrator

Directs most of the logistics in Monkey Bubble. She’s the principle event organiser of tournaments for Overwatch; organising events such as the Eurocup, European Invitational tournament, Koala Trials, Female Legends and The Tournament of future champions. On top of all this, she’s an Overwatch contenders team manager. 

Manofclass - @Manofclass

Head of production

Manofclass has an in-depth understanding of production. Responsible for the talent management as well as the broadcast quality. Great colour caster, manager and directs the quality you see on broadcasts In Monkey Bubble. Creative direction and cute monkeys is all he dreams of.

Ink - @Ink__ow

Technical Director

Our broadcasts run on secure private servers. Ink deals with the broadcast infrastructure, server administration/maintenance and directs the implementation of technology we use for broadcast. Honestly a technical wizard.  


Lead Broadcast Engineer

The smooth motion graphics, transitions, overlays and integration with our unique server side technology is all this man’s doing. If a pixel is out of place, he’ll notice it. He’s a perfectionist to the core and is the reason behind the flawless, seemless designs of our broadcasts.

Ben - @Benvigllow

Overwatch Producer

He’s worked on many events for us in the past. The Eurocup, The Female Legends tournament,  Echo showdown, multiple European Invitationals, and the Koala Trials fundraiser. The producer for events such as Overwatch Open Division and Contenders Trials with BGG. 19 yo college student in the US state of Massachusetts, featuring as producer on a couple local events with the Boston Uprising.

Vflight - @Vflight96

Overwatch Producer

The voice in the caster’s ears and the man lurking behind the scenes. The big producer/observer, Vflight, has been part of the amateur Overwatch esports scene for years now. Ranging from Open Division NA & EU, Contender China 2020 – English Broadcast, and most notably; the Overwatch California Cup – Oakland. Catch his work here in Overwatch and soon, other esports titles in the near future.

Cinzya - @Cinzzya

Overwatch Producer

Cynthia “Cinzya” Ebert is a student for Multimedia and Communication and part-time Esports producer from Germany. In 2019 she started observing Overwatch for Monkey Bubble Eurocup Fundraiser Since then she observed and produced for multiple organizations such as Elo Hell Esports, Female Legends, DACH eSports, Reflash Production and more. She’s currently working as the official observer for Overwatch Contenders 2020 NA & EMEA.

Reef - @derreef

Overwatch Producer

Reef is a talented producer. Having produced an entire season of Open Division through his brain child Reflash, which does community productions for Overwatch, giving opportunities to casters that are just starting out, and providing a platform for experienced casters to appear on-air for some great Overwatch. He works with Monkey Bubble as an IGO and scene director – being a producer for events such as the Echo showdown, Backup for Female Legends and our Open Division playoffs coverage.  

Unieveth - @Unieveth

Overwatch Producer

Having had a great track record, being part of the production crew for Overwatch Open Division, Overwatch Contenders Trials and more. Unieveth started his journey at BGG and proved to be one of the most professional and reliable producers now working in Monkey Bubble. 

FirstKnightOfNi - @firstknightofni

Overwatch Producer

Ni has a hand in many grassroots Overwatch productions, and has proven his metal on many occasions. Having been featured on large productions such as the Monkey Bubble Eurocup, Overwatch Open Division coverage and more. 

Frozengoggles - @Frozengoggles

NA broadcast coordinator 

Frozengoggles is the man behind the scenes, checking the broadcast quality, making sure matches are followed, updating the production crew, directing the production crew and making sure standards are met during production. 

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