Monkey Bubble Reflash: Community production

Monkey Bubble is acquiring Reflash Productions, and opening it up as a community production programme with the aim of providing a platform that enriches the learning of those starting with production, gives an outlet for seasoned broadcast talent to practice and encourages others to venture into the field. 

If you’re interested in joining or working with Monkey Bubble Reflash, please reach out via or send us a message on 🐦Twitter.

Producers and in-game observers are the backbones of any good broadcast. That’s why we wish to give these people a place to practice and lay down a good foundation through events that Reflash covers.

Recruits will learn about production fundamentals, our standard for best practices, get the opportunity to cover events as well as being able to work on more challenging productions. 

“Where do you get started as an esports commentator?”

It’s hard sometimes to land gigs or events, be at the top of your game or even find ways to showcase your talent. 

Monkey Bubble Reflash aims to support commentators of any level, giving them the practice grounds they need to improve and perfect their craft. 

“I founded Reflash with the goal to provide observers and casters a safe space to improve their casting and observing skills. With all the professional coverage everywhere, an amateur studio attempting themselves at Open Division coverage and give casters the opportunity they otherwise wouldn’t have had. Reflash is about the path to pro for production staff. “

Rafael ‘ Reef ‘ Barbosa
Lead Producer | MB Reflash

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