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Overwatch Contenders Trials EU Coverage

Overwatch Contenders Trials 2020 S2 EU

Overwatch Contenders Trials EU

Monkey Bubble will be covering the second round of Contenders Trials S2, starting Monday the 3rd of August. 

Follow us on YouTube where we will be broadcasting the event.

Approximate Time (CEST)Match
20:00Sheer Cold vs Vox Nihili
20:00Avoided vs The Ultimates
21:30VASTA Gaming vs ASMR Esports
21:3001_esports vs Samsung Morning Stars

Approximate Time (CEST)Match
20:00VASTA Gaming vs Stop Toxicity
20:00Avoided vs SMC
21:3001_esports vs ach keine ahnung
21:30Sheer Cold vs Angry Titans

Approximate Time (CEST)Match
20:00 Vox Nihili vs Stop Toxicity
20:00Samsung Morning Stars vs SMC
21:30VASTA Gaming vs Angry Titans
21:30Avoided vs ach keine ahnung

Approximate Time (CEST)Match
20:00ASMR Esports vs Stop Toxicity
20:00Samsung Morning Stars vs ach keine ahnung
21:30The Ultimates vs SMC
21:30VASTA Gaming vs Sheer Cold

Approximate Time (CEST)Match
20:00The Ultimates vs ache keine ahnung
20:00Angry Titans vs ASMR Esports
21:30VASTA Gaming vs Vox Nihili
21:3001_esports vs SMC

We will be broadcasting the event as a third-party.
While these games show approximate times and we will try to deliver the best service we can, please note they will be liable to changes as we do not have the mandate to dictate, control and administrate game lobbies or matches, we only have the rights to observe and broadcast. 

If anything drastically changes we will keep you updated on our twitter 

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