Overwatch 2 Beta Release

The release of a new game, the expansion of an IP, and the challenges both bring are immense. It is an honour for Monkey Bubble to be a part of such a process and to support our partners at Blizzard Entertainment in this endeavour.





Dependable flexibility and security

Throughout the alpha and beta releases of the Overwatch 2 PvP title, Monkey Bubble has been organising, developing, and broadcasting top quality content to showcase the new gameplay. A diverse itinerary that includes developer livestreams, organised community playtests, and other promotional events has been successfully produced by us and all have made Overwatch 2 more than an event–it made it an experience. 

In an ever-increasing culture of data sharing, it is paramount for anyone to have the ability to control the flow of their own information. The mutual trust between us and our clients allows us to handle confidential information that is necessary to provide a well-developed product. Pixel perfect execution may be the final product, but the work begins the second the concept enters our workflow.


Sojourn Live Community Q&A

On April 14, 2022, we hosted a panel with Dion Rogers and Geoff Goodman from the Overwatch 2 Development Team, and notable gaming personalities FindingKyKy and Brittany “Briggsycakes” González to further promote the new hero, Sojourn, and her unique playstyle. It also served as a showcase of how her inclusion was important to the community, especially the black community as she is the first playable black female hero in Overwatch’s over six-year history.

Community Beta Bash

Two weeks later, on 27 April, the Overwatch 2 Beta Bash featured the first ever public live matches on the Overwatch 2 Beta client. The teams consisted of some of the biggest personalities not only in Overwatch, but in streaming as a whole, such as xQc, Pokimane, and AnneMunition. The blend of personalities from the community, esports figures, and influencers made for a very engaging live show, devoid of any pre-recorded footage. And to provide a more in depth behind the scenes look, live interviews from Blizzard Headquarters in Irvine, California with members of the development team gave even more insight into the massive undertaking that Overwatch 2 represents.

The Monkey Bubble Mission

With the passion, integrity, and dedication to our goals, Monkey Bubble is the go-to production company to bring your projects to life. Your vision is our goal. Let us make it a reality. Share your vision with us!