Introducing the Overwatch Monkey Bubble Ladder

Looking at what we already do as a community, taking feedback from managers/coaches of top tier teams in Overwatch from our staff hub, we decided to reach out to mogul.gg to help us implement and develop a system to cater to the semi-professional community.

It’s not a tournament, it doesn’t have any prizes attached, but what it does give is a great opportunity for teams and players to show off their strength all year round.
With this system, we aim to demonstrate who the top teams really are all year round – exclusive to the North American and EMEA Regions currently.


– Tournament organisers operating in EMEA and NA will be given this list to help aid their selection criteria when forming an invitational tournament *hint*

– Top teams benefit from exposure and notoriety, giving the players and brand value to leverage.

– Managers and staff of teams can use this system to document their team portfolio and list achievements clearly, accurately and beautifully.

– Organising matches becomes easier and a more balanced practice over time, so you are always matched to teams that are your level.

– Instead of booking a scrim, you can now book a competitive match where there are stakes involved all year round. Encouraging and incentivising more rigorous practice and play.

– We broadcast select matches and highlight teams, providing content for T3 and pushing for more competitive Overwatch content, in general, all year round.

– Looking for a last-minute match that doesn’t affect your ladder position is also possible with this system – no more LFS Urgent, you can now see which teams are looking as well.

– Where traditionally social media and word of mouth was used, Mogul.gg has a player portfolio system. Users can list their achievements, and develop a proper professional portfolio online.

Here’s how you get invited.

To be on the ladder:
1) Have your team manager join the staff hub for verification purposes.
If you don’t have a team manager, elect a captain, join the Monkey Bubble T3 tracker server and ask to be verified there.
2) Create a Mogul.gg account.
3) Receive a password from a Ladder administrator to join and sign up through the Monkey Bubble Mogul Hub

An introduction to the Monkey Bubble Ladder:
Once you are invited, you’ve passed the requirement to be on the Ladder.

The initial seeding of the ladder is based off several factors, including recent notable tournament placements, its applicability and ladder availability. During the signup period, we will seed teams to best fit the recent public performance of teams as best we can.

Once you are on the Ladder you can challenge teams a set number of positions above you to claim their spot. You can schedule the matches through Mogul up to four days in advance. We know that many teams book scrims up to 2 weeks in advance. A workaround to this would be to have your scrim turn into a competitive ladder match which you can schedule four days before the actual date. If you cancel challenges more than twice, you are penalised for this and drop 10 ranks.
We recommend you keep Tuesdays and Fridays open for ladder matches for this reason.

If a match was scheduled but needs to be cancelled due to extenuating circumstances i.e collisions with official games, third-party tournaments, contact an administrator through the support channel on the staff hub or T3 tracker. If the Administrator accepts the reason, the ladder match will be cancelled without penalisation or another solution will be given.

If you need to find a match instantly, you can find one through the instant challenge mechanism of the ladder. It doesn’t change your ladder position, but you can advertise that you are looking for a match much easier and broadcast it to every single team, potentially ones that are also looking for matches.

For a more in-depth guide click here.

Player & team portfolios

This is the feature we were the most excited about. We know that many teams venture either to the OW or a staff discord to advertise for manager positions. Managers usually cram as much information as possible into a single copypasta and decorate with discord’s handy emotes and markdown.

What if you had to write that information once, and just post a link? Not only do you advertise the status of your team to discord, but to the wider esports community online. The profile is professional, public and linkable to anyone interested: Organisations, Staff, Recruiters and Scouts being some of the many examples. Record your achievements through Mogul, and automatically track mogul match statistics.

In addition, players and staff get their own profile they can customise, which can supplement their personal esports CV.

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