Koala Trials

Overwatch Community Koala Trials Fundraiser X Softgiving

Through the Australian wildfire crisis, many of us felt the impacts. Knowing loved ones, colleagues and friends who were all struggling. At Monkey Bubble we also felt the impact, as many of our friends who we play games with and communicate with daily were experiencing loss, hardship and living through what seemed to be a nightmare.

As a company that’s so community driven, we asked what we could do in this time to help those in need and how we could impact this space.

We reached out to a couple of entities and found that most platforms actually charge a fee when transfering the funds raised to the charity of choice. We didn’t like the idea that the money was not going where it was needed the most, and found an alternative.

Softgiving was our platform of choice, helping to power the broadcast. An astounding 0% transaction fee. The only way they actually get money if you tip them in the process of donating.
The people that work there are very down to earth and humble about what they do, how much impact they have had globally. We decided to fully partner with them and they supporting our event as much as they could:  The Overwatch Community: Koala Trials Fundraiser. 

The event features all of the Australian Overwatch Contenders teams. Featuring Elfish and AVRL as casting talent for final day of the event.

We raised over $1750.69 USD to be given to the winner’s charity of choice.
Mindfreak having won the tournament, donate the funds generously to The Salvation Army Australia – Queensland and NSW.