FLASH OPS: ECHO SHOWDOWN – Coverage, details and our talent

We are excited to announce Monkey Bubble is providing coverage for the Overwatch Flash OPS: ECHO SHOWDOWN. This tournament is a showcase for the new hero Echo, and where Blizzard puts on an event, we like to match it with amazing production and talent, all in service of the Overwatch community.

All of our talent are volunteering to provide this coverage, staff that have worked or been a part of on Open Division all the way up to Contenders for years in Overwatch. Whether it be producers, casters or coordinators, each one of them have played an integral role to the development of the T3/2 community. We want to keep delivering broadcasts for community Overwatch events, and we promise to keep delivering the high quality you expect. In return we ask that you consider supporting us on Patreon, twitch or even just following us on twitter and helping us push more great esports events for the community inhouse. 


Our Talent.

A veteran caster, boasting Overwatch Contenders and several promenant LANs for the Nerd Street Gamers. Guiding many casters through their careers, working in Broadcast.GG, a role model for many of us in the production community given his outstanding contributions to the scene. 

The whole package: Content Creator, ex-contenders player for Triumph Gaming and now he’s making his debut into the Overwatch scene as a caster. Incredibly talented and we are sure you will love him as much as we do. 

You’ve seen him everywhere. If you haven’t, you haven’t lived. Appearing on the NUEL broadcasts, Belong Arena Clash, Overwatch Open Division, Contenders Trials, Insomnia and several other LAN events. This man has been around and a big supporter of T3/2 Overwatch. He’ll be casting the finals of the EU showdown. 

Kenobi is an incredible caster, featuring on Chinese contenders, EU contenders trials, Open Division, South American Contenders and many community Overwatch events – one of the more recent being the Overwatch Australian fundraiser campaign. You get to experience the full force of kenobi this weekend.

The heavy hitting esports commentator, appearing on the NUEL broadcasts, LAN finals at Nordsken, the Eurocup, broadcasts for Open Division and an impromptu cast at Dreamhack, Sweden. He not only casts in English, but for the DACH community as well.  His take on esports casting is truly unique and leaves people coming back for more. 

He’s no stranger, he’s been there since the very start of the Overwatch Scene. Casting Open Divsion, part of Triumph gaming, TGH esports writer and now the social media manager for the Florida Mayhem. 

You may have seen her around in T3/2 – she’s been the caster for notable events such as Open Division, Chinese Contenders, South American Contenders, and EU Contenders Trials. There is a reason why people say ‘It’s a Naori cast.’ Memorable and unforgettable caster, great contributer and supporter of the grassroots Overwatch scene. 

A notable track record: Belong Arena Clash, British Esports Association events, coach for a bunch of Contenders teams – Angry Titans, Old Man Strength and been a familiar face on some Monkey Bubble events. A big figure in the community, and great caster; definitely worth a watch
Vicki ‘Gottmoxi’ Johnson began casting last year after discovering she was a lot better talking about Overwatch than playing it. She now spends the majority of her time either behind a microphone, behind her pc or micro-analysing every aspect of her existence. Starting on scrims, 2 seasons of Open Division and was most recently shortlisted for (and now proudly bears the title of runner up in) National Student Esports’ Caster of the Term 2020 for her work at the NUEL 2020 Campus Clash.
Our coming talent we picked up, a newer face to the scene. Casting Open Division for S1 and S2 of 2020, being a part of many community broadcasts. We picked him up because he hits hard, and packs a punch with his play-by-play. Hailing originally from the CS:GO community, but also casts Rocket League. Talented and definitely worth your time. 

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