Overwatch: Monkey Bubble Eurocup Fundraiser

The Overwatch MB Eurocup fundraiser was an event constructed to help teams in the midst of the OWWC funding crisis of 2019. Teams in the EMEA region were struggling with funds for travel to Blizzcon – Anaheim, LA.

The conception of the event happened a month before launch. With over 87 people working on this project with Monkey Bubble leading the charge; including support from companies, amateur broadcast talent and content creators such as Nordsken, Castersnest, Titan Media ES, Noserino, Death march gaming, and many more.
This event was featured in many outlets across EMEA, the reach being as far as hitting the frontend of the Saudi BNET Launcher for Overwatch. ESPN, The Game Haus, Gosugamer and many more outlets across Europe.

We provided support to teams, giving them the opportunity and clear avenue to promote themselves through a week of intense competition. Ways in which the fans could contribute to their favourite teams getting to Blizzcon included buying team-specific merchandise from our store, contributing directly to the prize pool, and donating directly to each team’s crowdfunding page if they had set one up.

We tried to overcome many of the problems teams which were not funded were facing during the 2019 OWWC, and as a consequence brought together everyone from different countries, cheering for their team to take home the gold at the Eurocup and supporting all of the teams in their bid to get to Anaheim to show off their flag colours.

The format and event details are to be found here.