EMEA playoffs

Overwatch Open Division EMEA Playoffs: Season 1 2020 – Monkey Bubble Coverage

Overwatch is a big part of how we started, and we love the community. Even though we are expanding to support other titles, like Hearthstone, CS: GO, League of Legends and the upcoming VALORANT title, we still have a soft spot for the Overwatch community.

Our motive was really simple and always will be the same; to highlight the great people in the grassroots esports scene, create memorable events, and bring the community together either through our own in-house events or other events we provide coverage for.

For the first Season of Overwatch Open Division 2020, we provided coverage for the playoffs, arguably the most exciting part of the season. We broadcasted the event on our twitch channel, all the while raising money for Gamers Outreach.