The Fran Overwatch Community Cup: Talent Line-up

Hosting some big name teams in a day of intense competition, the fran Overwatch community cup will be a landmark event for 2020 for all Overwatch fans.

We are excited to announce the talent line-up for the event, who will guide you through every earth shatter, graviton and bomb. 

4th May 2020 

1 pm  PST / 10 pm CEST 

:twitch: Official Broadcast: 

The Talent



One of the most decorated casters on this roster that packs a punch.
She’s casted the 2019 OWWC, They Mayhem Winter Classic and is part of the core lineup for the Overwatch 2020 Contenders seasons. An unforgettable, outstanding caster who is integral to the Overwatch Community and a great advocate for path-to-pro. If you want a definition of exemplary, here it is. 



Legday is the voice of Overwatch path-to-pro and the whole package. Holding under his belt a series of outstanding career acheivements, includingThe OWWC, Overwatch Contenders, and many more that can’t be summarised with 150 words. Successful content creator, streaming personality and caster for Overwatch, we are excited for him to show us how it’s done.



A veteran play-by-play, ready to take you on a journey. Having casted Overwatch Contenders,  The NSG Huntington LAN Finals, The Overwatch NorCal Corporate Clash LAN, and so much more. He’s not a stranger or someone to take lightly. Prepare to be on the edge of your seat. 



Samito made his debut with us on Monkey Bubble’s Coverage of the Flash Ops: Echo Showdown event as your favourite Overwatch colour caster. Content creator, Streamer for Florida Mayhem,  ex-professional Overwatch contenders player, Moira Orb hater and personality powerhouse that demands your attention. 



Olimancer was introduced to the Overwatch competitive world during the finals of the Monkey Bubble Eurocup. Having worked on many Overwatch events – Coverage for Open Division, Female Legends Rally for Representation, the Nordsken LAN finals, and impromptu casts at Dreamhack Sweden. The Olimancer doesn’t just draw a crowd, he brings the hype. 



Not many people would know that swimmer actually has a history as an Overwatch caster, everyone knows swimmer as a star Overwatch League player. Now retired from professional play, making a debut as a caster at The Fran Community Cup. we are tremendously excited and honoured to have swimmer debut with us. 

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