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Overwatch Monkey Bubble Invitational Tournaments

Monkey Bubble Invitational touraments were constructed by design to help third party tournament communities and teams participating. We wanted to provide another alternative system by which players could find value in the promise of being scoutted, and organisers would be encouraged to increase their production quality to get recognised by us. In return we would push top teams to their tournaments. 
Overall encouraging a widespread community effort in Overwatch, bringing people together, giving them the resources they need to acheive their goals in Overwatch. 

The invitational tournaments are periodic tournaments happening outside of the regular seasons of Overwatch Open Division, as to not interfere with the Official matches and path-to-pro system set out by Blizzard Entertainment for Overwatch. 

In 2019 this was made into reality, where two tournaments with outstanding talent were delivered for the EMEA region with some of the top semi-professional talent in Overwatch.

Overwatch MB Invitationals EMEA #1 May 2019
First Place: Clockwork Vendetta 

Clockwork Vendetta is now a team competing in contenders, with a stable management and roster. They rose to fame with their unique off-meta compostion which they ran against the infamous GOATS composition which plagued 2019.

Overwatch MB Invitationals EMEA #2 Sept 2019
First Place: Ex Oblivione

Ex Oblivione described themselves before as a casual T3 team. Relatively unknown, and winning this tournament proved their dominance in the scene. They later went on to win 2nd place in the practice Open Division and now competing in Contenders Trials as of March 2020. Their roster has since changed, and all the players now compete at the Overwatch Contenders level.

“We really appreciate the amount of effort Monkey Bubble puts in to support T3 in so many ways other than just a prize pool (e.g. broadcasts, merch, exposure, etc). The invitational gave us something to work for during the offseason which then also gave us something to look forward to other than Open Division.”

‘Kevh’ – Owner of Ex Oblivione 

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were unable to run the North American Invitationals. The changes in the path-to-pro system for 2020 made us rethink about how we administer this tournament, to have the same competitive value.