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Simultaneous Streams

Inter-company workflows

North American Challengers League

Together with Rally Cry, we are entering a new space within the Riot Games ecosystem. It gives us the opportunity to further expand our capabilities and create new workflows for simultaneous broadcasts. Our partnership with Rally Cry allows both companies to draw from our respective expertise and create an experience that encompasses the best of what esports can be.

Creative support of an IP



Giving the audience a voice

Overwatch 2 Beta

Over the years, our consistent delivery of quality event production for the Overwatch scene has made us the primary production house to support the release of the new Overwatch 2 PvP beta. With the expansion of this new IP come a lot of challenges that require a high degree of flexibility and the ability to work within short timeframes. In this process, we emphasise close cooperation and trust to optimally support Blizzard in their publishing process.

Hybrid LAN



Integration of hardware and software

CESI Collegiate Esports Tournament - Rocket League

In August of 2021, our partners at CESI wanted to create a fresh collegiate experience in a live setting during a global pandemic. Our team spanned 3 continents to deliver a cutting edge production live from the Golden1 Center in Sacramento and redefine the meaning of a hybrid LAN event.


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4K Broadcasts

Overwatch Contenders Europe & North America

Together with our friends at Activision Blizzard, we shape the future of Overwatch through their Path to Pro programmes. The cornerstone of which is the Contenders programme. With interactive and engaging broadcasts, we provide the audience with a unique experience that only adds to the competitive Overwatch environment.

Original brand marketing

Multilingual broadcasts


Community Engagement

Florida Mayhem Summer and Spring Classic

Among the Overwatch League Franchises, the Florida Mayhem have a very engaging and distinct brand identity. We built on this identity by creating a fake product and using it to promote their event in a differentiating way that retained the same values and organically incorporated their brand sponsors.