Monkey Bubble


Premium production house and tournament organiser.  Competitive tournaments, fundraisers and charity events.

Supporting grassroots esports.

MB Bubbles



Event organisation

We specialise in organising remote online events for major esports titles globally. Our staff are experts in tournament organisation, with deep knowledge of the scene, helping you to make informed, calculated decisions and create a memorable event. 

Any region, any game, supporting multiple languages.

Event Broadcast

Broadcast engineers, professional esports commentators, the top producers, the best production staff. 
Bespoke technology, experienced administration, Industry talent

Whether it's a white-label event, or you are sponsoring an in-house event, we provide you with quality. 

Community service

We power services in-house for aspiring professionals within esports, from players, management and broadcast talent. 

Education, opportunity, and service to the people who power esports on the ground. 

Join our discord community. 

Creating Unforgettable


Creating memories

Our events not only engage, but remain a mark in history. The following outlets only some examples of where our events or brand were mentioned.

Clean Design

Our broadcast packages, backend-technologies and graphics are made in-house and always built from the ground up by us. Powerful, Innovative technology unique to our label, coupled with clean motion graphics on our frontend. 

Building with experts

We make events with the best talent, returning unmatched value to brands and the grassroots esports community. 

Dot Esports
The Game Haus
Gosu Gamers

Meet Our Team

Integral to the function of Monkey Bubble. Working hard to push papers, make events happen and deliver clean broadcasts globally.


Sven 'Ink'

Technical Director

Olaf 'Manofclass'

Content Director

Oliver 'Olimancer'

Business Manager

Chris 'Boop'

Managing Director

Josh 'Jay'

Broadcast Director


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