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Overwatch Contenders

For both the European and North American semi-professional leagues, Monkey Bubble managed the live production and tournament administration for Overwatch Contenders 2021 and 2022.

This was met with an overwhelmingly positive reception from fans, given then unique offerings Monkey Bubble developed for the series in collaboration with Blizzard Entertainment.

League of Legends Challengers League

We are working together with Rally Cry to bring the NACL to life in 2023. Running simultaneous streams and creating new tools to benefit the League of Legends viewing experience.

Golden 1 Center

In collaboration with CESI, Monkey Bubble produced a LAN event for the collegiate Rocket League scene in North America at the prestigious Golden 1 Center. During COVID-19 and limited access, Monkey Bubble produced the LAN almost entirely remote using our unique in-house technology and design.

Overwhelmingly positive reception from all sides, and a showcase of our unique capabilities.

Florida Mayhem: Classic Series

Working in collaboration with Misfits Gaming, we produced a series of one-off events for the Overwatch semi-professional community. Misfits gaming wanted community feel, polish and action-packed competitive play, which is exactly what we delivered.

Non-profit events

Monkey Bubble has collaborated with notable non-profit groups such as Female Legends and Women in Games, to produce female and non-binary tournaments for the EU region. 


WIGJ Valorant Community Cup, sponsored by Google.

WIGJ Overwatch Community Cup 

Female Legends: Rally for Representation

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