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Challengers League

League of Legends

The Question form the customer was as following:

The North American Challengers League had suffered from declining viewership and a tumultuous competitive scene. Rally Cry and Monkey Bubble were tasked to establish a new era for grassroots North American League of Legends. With both the qualifiers and the main league under our perview. While many assets and ideas were already provided by both Riot and Rally Cry, we did need to bring them all together from a technological and a live broadcast perspective.

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Live production

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Broadcast assets

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Campaign management

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Creative marketing

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Talent management

The winning strategy

Every single event we make is unique and we see it as a fresh start. Our clients are the driving force behind ideation, conceptualisation, and innovation for each production. We love seeing new ideas and perspectives shape the final product and we will guide you to make your vision become our vision and take it to reality.

Results in motion

Our gameplan

When a program has existed for a prolonged period of time, it is important to identify what works and what doesn’t. Together with Rally Cry and Riot Games, we found new ways to reach the audience by providing a new look and feel to a league viewers already knew. While we were working with the talent and the participating teams to find a new way to entice viewers, Rally Cry made sure the event administration was sorted and, more importantly, that new brands were engaging with the ecosystem.

It was then our job to implement the required brand interactions such as the Turo Baron Buff and Key-Drive, the Samsung SSD Fast Five, and the Verizon half-time show. With the amazing creative input from the on-air talent and the invaluable experience from the returning production staff of previous and other League of Legends programs, NACL has gained a new identity. One that we are very proud to be a part of!

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