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Our mission

As a part of its Path to Pro, the Overwatch esports team at Blizzard aims to put a focus on player development. Our mission is to sharpen that focus. Together with them, we wanted to reshape Contenders into the ecosystem that truly put players on a trajectory to be the best of the best. Fans of Overwatch esports would have a place to discover new talent before they reached the pinnacle of skill. Putting together a competition with that ambition is not a simple task and it requires the same dedication to development as the players themselves do.

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The winning strategy

Every single event we make is unique and we see it as a fresh start. Our clients are the driving force behind ideation, conceptualisation, and innovation for each production. We love seeing new ideas and perspectives shape the final product and we will guide you to make your vision become our vision and take it to reality.

Results in motion

Our gameplan

We created a new formula for Contenders. While the branding was already established, we gave it a fresh and clean look in order to focus attention on what matters, the gameplay. To further enhance the gameplay and grow the interactive experience for the viewer, we introduced new features. 4K60fps streams, match predictions, live tweets, and even real-time player statistics are now all staples of the Contenders experience. Coupled with a new backing track every season and ever changing content we managed to grow the viewership over time and create a robust audience with a core viewership that truly knows and supports the program.

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