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NA Legends Invitational

Hosted by Disguised Toast

Our Mission

The North American League of Legends scene has recently been activated by having Disguised Toast enter a team under his own brand. Riot Games, Rally Cry, and Monkey Bubble came together to turn the dial all the way up to 11 for a fully customised event hosted by Disguised Toast himself. Bringing together all that we created for the NACL and the branding of Disguised Toast, we had to shape it into a new and fresh experience for both the League of Legends community, and the viewers of Disguised Toast.

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Live production

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Broadcast assets

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Campaign management

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Creative marketing

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Talent management

The winning strategy

Every single event we make is unique and we see it as a fresh start. Our clients are the driving force behind ideation, conceptualisation, and innovation for each production. We love seeing new ideas and perspectives shape the final product and we will guide you to make your vision become our vision and take it to reality.

Results in motion

Our gameplan

We love working with creators. A personalised brand that has a proven track record is amazing to work with and allows us to create something that connects the existing community of the creator to our events. Our goal was to develop a look and feel that still resonated with the core audience of Disguised Toast, but also invited new viewers to become a part of the experience.

With 4 streamers drafting their own teams live on stream, there was a challenge to facilitate a visual representation of the process. Combining the idea of live drafts from other mediums and the backend solutions we pride ourselves on, we did just that. It was also important to us to not overdo it on the design side. The creators featured are full of personality and character. As such, our entire design and live stream was meant to highlight and support them.

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