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Our mission

Misfits gaming wanted community feel, polish and action-packed competitive play. Their Franchise of the Floriday Mayhem is one of the most defined ones in its scene and this needed to shine through in the productions of their events. The tie-in with their title sponsor Zaxby’s was a very important part of the creative process leading up to the events.

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Live production

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Social media management

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Creative marketing

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Talent management

The winning strategy

Every single event we make is unique and we see it as a fresh start. Our clients are the driving force behind ideation, conceptualisation, and innovation for each production. We love seeing new ideas and perspectives shape the final product and we will guide you to make your vision become our vision and take it to reality.

Results in motion

Our gameplan

Among the Overwatch League Franchises, the Florida Mayhem have a very engaging and distinct brand identity. We built on this identity by creating a fake line of beverages and using it to promote their event in a differentiating way that retained the same values and organically incorporated their brand sponsors. We had players, on-air talent, and community figures feature the beverages in advertisements promoting the event and rendered the product in some video and graphic assets for added realism. With interactive hosting elements and a stream in English and a stream in Spanish, we created the most unique Overwatch event of the year.

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