On August 20th 2021, Monkey Bubble produced the first-ever College Esports Competition in one of the most technologically advanced arenas in the United States, Golden1 Center in downtown Sacramento. During the event, in collaboration with College Esports International (CESI), Kings Guard Gaming, the American Video Game League (AVGL), and Sports Video Group, Monkey Bubble provided a hybrid production solution across 3 continents with pixel-perfect execution. This local event was executed on a global scale due to the expertise of our staff both on the ground and abroad.


Hybrid Production

We believe that hybrid solutions are the next step in the evolution of esports. During the College Esports Competition, we brought that vision to life. To make the production of the event run smoothly, we utilised our existing online capabilities and integrate them with more traditional LAN setups. The players, casters, and audiovisual hardware were on-site in Sacramento. All the production and broadcast management was done by our remote staff in the Netherlands and Australia. The combined expertise of our Technical Director Sven van Vossen and our Broadcast Director Jay Ferguson was instrumental. Thanks to them, Monkey Bubble was able to bring the pixel-perfect execution we are known for to a new environment. We introduced innovation to traditional workflows once again. 

Bringing Online to LAN

At Monkey Bubble, our roots are in online production. Even before recent developments that required much of the industry to switch to a more online mindset, we were already perfecting our technology. We have had to find solutions for problems others have only recently started to encounter. This has put us in an industry-leading position when it comes to remote solutions. Although our expertise has been so actively applied to an online mindset, we are not limited to online productions. On the contrary, we believe that our expertise makes us uniquely suited to innovate in the space. At the core of this innovation lies the concept of bringing online solutions to an otherwise physical environment. Rather than building a physical broadcast setup and bringing it to an online environment, we start by creating the online environment and then enhance it by adding physical components. This way, we always utilise the best tools and people available without solely relying on the limitations of hardware and the physical location of an event. 

The Tools to Deliver

Thinking with an online environment in mind does more than just remove physical limitations. It has opened avenues into proprietary software applications that focus on ease of use just as much as on functionality. These online and software tools have the benefit of continuous feature addition and a much larger test environment. Our proprietary solutions are easier to integrate into new environments. They help us maintain familiarity for those involved. They ensure we don’t have to compromise on the experience and functionality of our product. The greatest advantage, however, is that we can accomodate to specific requests. Nothing is off the table in our modular approach. 

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